THE BILLION DOLLAR BROKER™”, a name she is known as and has trademarked, Carol has personally sold over one billion dollars in residential real estate in the last several years alone, and has been New York’s top independent residential broker for over two decades. The reigning Queen of flipping properties in all price ranges, Carol was recently awarded a coveted Real Estate Board of New York’s Residential Sales Deal of the Year Award for one of her extraordinary flips. Rated in the top 1% of brokers nationwide, with her experience, intellect, work ethic, tenacity and passion for real estate, she has built a reputation as an expert in assisting all of her clients achieve their real estate goals, while also exceeding their expectations.

THE MAKEOVER MAVEN™” of real estate is her other trademarked name, as unlike any other broker in the industry, Carol is the master of personally transforming properties for both sellers and buyers. An exceptional visionary and artist, she is unrivaled at “making over” properties and increasing the values beyond her clients’ highest expectations. Whether the improvement involves a minor staging or a major renovation, Carol is the WHOLE package – she provides her clients with her unparalleled skills as an artist, visionary, interior and exterior designer, stager, architect, renovator, construction manager, marketer, negotiator, expeditor, and client’s representative. Carol will roll up her sleeves and don a hard hat to knock down walls, paint, re-grout, tile, clean, de-clutter, stage properties, landscape a terrace, and whatever it takes to transform homes into masterpieces. Carol is truly an expert in redesigning floor plans that will increase the value and marketability of each property and also improve the quality of life with more livable, functional, and aesthetically outstanding layouts. Working with sellers who quickly want to increase the values of their residences before putting them on the market, investors and developers who merely want to flip properties, or individuals who are looking to create their dream homes from “diamonds in the rough”, Carol loves helping her clients make mega-money through her makeovers. And, she does it all at no extra cost!

MORE THAN A BROKER, Carol is so confident in her incredible talent to dramatically increase the value of properties, no matter what their condition, she puts her money where her mouth is. In other words, if her client cannot afford to invest money in Carol’s vision for a home makeover, she will unbelievably personally fund the transformation out of her own pocket. By putting her own “skin in the game”, Carol’s clients have the utmost certainty in her incomparable expertise to significantly increase the value of their properties. With her makeover magic, Carol loves transforming her clients’ properties and transcending the values to heights they never thought possible…making countless clients into millionaires.

By treating every residence as her own, Carol shares her passion for perfection to go above and beyond. One of her client stated, “I was stunned. Carol put up her own money, threw herself into the renovation, and personally transformed my two-bedroom into a three bedroom, when I could not afford to. With her vision and talent, she made me over a million dollars more than six other brokers said it was worth. I am forever indebted to her!”

NEW YORK’S PREMIER INDEPENDENT BROKER, and a member of the Real Estate Board of New York, Carol cooperates with all the brokerage companies worldwide, both large and small, and as a result, her clients are afforded the same marketing and networking power of any large brokerage company. But, by providing unparalleled personal service and laser-focused attention to the minutest details, her clients never feel lost in the shuffle or get handed over to an assistant, as so often happens at big firms. She is an expert at marketing and a perfectionist about her advertising and photography, regularly hosts open houses for both buyers and brokers, and her huge referral business and fiercely loyal repeat clientele are other highly regarded resources.

Carol is not only the go-to expert in the sale and purchase of multi-million dollar residences to celebrities, CEOs, and billionaires, she will also help their children sell or find a great studio or one-bedroom apartment. With over sixty closings each year, she is a highly sought-after speaker and expert commentator for the international media, including television, magazines, web, and is often quoted by respected publications such as the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post, the Real Deal, New York Magazine, and frequently authors articles regarding all aspects of the real estate market. Carol is the only independent broker to be featured as New York’s Premier Independent Broker on the cover of The Mann Report, one of NYC’s leading real estate magazines.

Furthermore, as Director of Sales for numerous sponsors, Carol has distinguished herself as the “Queen of the Sponsor Apartments” within the industry. As the exclusive broker for the sponsors, Carol’s skills are unmatched in handling the entire process of pricing, renovating, and marketing the apartments, as well as analyzing and managing the total conversion of buildings into cooperatives and condominiums.

Before entering the real estate market, Carol was an accomplished actress, starring in numerous feature films, including “Alone in the Dark” opposite Martin Landau. Also, she shot over 100 national television commercials and was the Faberge Organic Shampoo Girl and Clairol Long and Silky Girl.

Originally from Pittsburgh, Carol came to New York to attend Columbia University. A longtime resident and expert broker of the Beresford on Central Park West, she is married to the love of her life, Joel Goron, who works alongside her, and she has five extraordinary children, Chloe, Camryn, Chace, and identical twin two-year-old daughters, Cassidy and Carly.

Please do not hesitate to”>contact Carol for your present or future real estate needs, or merely a complimentary appraisal of your home. Rest assured she will set the highest standards and exceed your highest expectations.