One of Carol’s extraordinary flips wins a coveted Real Estate Board of New York’s 2015 Residential Deal of the Year Award!

Carol convinced one her many investor clients that she could make him a huge profit with a relatively modest purchase. Although Carol normally did larger flips for the client, making him profits in the millions, she persuaded him that the modest 725 square foot would still result in an incredible gain after she performed her makeover magic. Trusting Carol’s flipping expertise as The Billion Dollar Broker and The Makeover Maven, her trademarked names, he purchased the one-bedroom apartment on the Upper West Side for $865,000, and gave her the key to redesign and renovate the tired apartment for her guaranteed amazing flip.

Working with only a $60,000 budget, Carol single-handedly transformed the outdated home into a breathtaking two-bedroom showplace in just a couple months. Without any advertising, she immediately sold the property for a mind-boggling $1,600,000…the highest price per square foot ever achieved in the building! See Carol’s award-winning makeover in the photos below.

Contact Carol today to have her personally create your own magical transformation of your property – and realize unbelievable profits you would have never attained without the Makeover Maven!

“As the city’s premier independent broker for the last 18 years, Levy has developed an unparalleled reputation for achieving record-breaking prices for her clients, and caters to a who’s who of luminaries in the fields of entertainment, finance, media, and the professions…”

“Ms. Levy, whose thick blond hair falls below her waist, once acted in movies, including “Alone in the Dark” with Martin Landau, and not surprisingly in advertisements for hair products. She now has her own real estate company, Carol E. Levy Real Estate, selling apartments on the Upper West Side, often to celebrities…”

“Levy made it her mission to return the apartments to their original two-story grandeur and combined 5,000 square feet of space, in addition to 700 square feet of terraces…The real estate whiz is “invested” in the Beresford as more than just an owner, Levy is also the go-to broker of the building”…

Carol E. Levy of Carol E. Levy Real Estate had the highest sale of an apartment in New York City in the first quarter of 2009, “a $12.5 million penthouse at the Park Belvedere Condominium…”

Carol’s $15,000 makeover increased the apartment’s value by $275,000, yielding a return of over 20 times the makeover cost, or over 20% additional profit.”

“Treating every property as her own, she prides herself in providing unparalleled personal service and is a tireless perfectionist regarding even the smallest detail whether its bringing fresh flowers or making the beds in her exclusive listings…”

“You need a broker who will get you through the application process,” says Levy. “Not just location and lifestyle, but finding a building where I know my clients will get through the process.”

“Carol E. Levy of Carol E. Levy Real Estate represented the seller of the Beresford Apartment on Central Park West…”

“Staging is obviously a critical ingredient for selling apartments rapidly and at the highest possible prices. For what amounts to a relatively minimum cost and effort, one can tremendously maximize the value of on’s home…”

“Carol E. Levy, of Carol E. Levy Real Estate reported, “I’ve sold 31 apartments so far this year. I have been absolutely inundated and am getting some record-breaking prices…..”

“Before entering the market, I advise my clients to follow a few basic steps to ensure that they will ultimately have a successful and happy ending to their real estate search…”

“The DeMartinos often ran into Carol E. Levy, the owner of Carol E. Levy Real Estate, who handles many sales in the building. Before Ms. Levy helped them sell their one-bedroom, she made them de-clutter…”

“As when choosing a lawyer, a doctor, a stockbroker or accountant, one should expect a level of comfort with a real estate broker. The best real estate brokers are trustworthy, have integrity, are passionate about their work, and are dedicated to their client’s goals…”

“Try to find a property that possesses one or more of the top ten qualities that will secure a prodigious real estate investment and provide an extraordinary quality of life..”

“Carol E. Levy, a real estate broker who lives in the building and has sold several apartments there, said the penthouse was on the small side. “It’s definitely a glamorous apartment, it’s just not a big grand Beresford mansion-type apartment,” she said…”

“While some purchasers do indeed find homes without brokers, it is far more likely that one will find exactly what one is looking for with the help of a skillful and experienced broker.

“Since boards never reveal the reasons for rejecting a buyer, one must rely upon an experienced broker who understands the delicate nature of purchase applications and the variety of unpublicized reasons why rejections occur. Boards never specifically state reasons for rejecting a buyer, for by doing so, it could open itself to a lawsuit for discrimination.”

“Before even beginning the hunt for the perfect co-op, the prospective buyer should be familiar with all the possible ways one’s application might be rejected. Therefore, it is also essential that one choose a broker who not only knows the criteria and delicate nature to which one might apply..”

“Before entering the market, I advise my clients to follow a few basic steps to ensure that they will ultimately have a successful and happy ending to their real estate search…”

“Carol Levy, president of Carol E. Levy Real Estate, said that up to now she had been very happy with how the RLS had helped her business. But after attending a REBNY meeting where the plan was unveiled, she found her reaction was similar to many other representatives of the 150 or so firms who attended…”